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I'll keep it succinct for now although I'll probably add more information later.

I was born in the city of Chicago and have lived in the adjacent suburbs ever since. Heck, I'm only ten minutes away from Mases. It's a small world.

I'm your typical average guy who strives to be something more. I've always wanted to be something more. This ambition comes as both a blessing and a curse.

While striving for self-improvement is an honorable end, it's spurred a crazed insanity in me. I try to keep tabs on everyone and am incessantly afraid that those around me are involved in some plotting conspiracy. This frenzy traditionally escalates at night.

I know that's not true, however, and I'm, trying to uncover my true self. *sigh* I'm unsure why I'm venting here of all places, in a public domain, a Zelda Wiki but sometimes I feel like I'm caving in and giving up is the easiest route. But I know I can't do that. That would be the weak way out.

ZD Time

I started using the main site in late 2008/early 2009. I came for the walkthroughs, stayed for the curiosity shop, and ever since have been commenting avidly on news posts and the forums. I now wish to make major contributions to the site wiki.

Fan Fiction