Ulria Grotto

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Ulria Grotto


Points of

Ulria Grotto is a location found in Breath of the Wild.


Ulria Grotto is located at the southeast end of the Akkala region. In the center of the area, there is a huge pit containing a lake at the bottom with high cliffs surrounding it.

There are quite a variety of fish-life living in the bodies of water, including some less common Voltfin Trout and Hearty Bass. There are also numerous Hyrule Bass, Armored Carp, Mighty Carp, and Staminoka Bass as well.

At the north end of the grotto, on a plateau, there is a trio of apple trees. If Link grabs some of the apples off the tree with more of them so that they all match, a Korok will appear. A second Korok Seed can be collected if Link catches the speedy trail of korok dust on the plateau, just southeast of the grotto. Another Korok can be found by climbing to the very top of the tallest pine tree and examining the korok dust, at the far south end of the region. One last Korok can be found against the cliff, southwest of the grotto. Link can push the boulder out of the way and lift the smaller rock to find the Korok.

Ke'nai Shakah Shrine

Main article: Ke'nai Shakah Shrine

The Ke'nai Shakah Shrine is hidden within the Ulria Grotto. Above the large body of water, on the north side of the cliff, there are some cracked boulders. As Link glides down, he can shoot a Bomb Arrow at the boulders, revealing a cave that contains the shrine. The shrine itself is A Modest Test of Strength shrine. After defeating the Guardian Scout III, Link can speak with Ke'nai Shakah at the altar to obtain a Spirit Orb.

Treasure Chests

There are a handful of treasure chests that Link can collect. Below is a listing of all treasure chests in the region, roughly in geographic order from east to west.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Three trees stand on top of this plateau. Pluck the apples one of them so that it matches the other two trees.

Remove apples from the tree with too many until it matches the other two.

Move the large boulder surrounded by smaller rocks. Then lift up the rock underneath it to reveal a Korok.

Move the big rock, pick up the small rock.

Climb to the top of the tallest pine tree here and examine the sparkles.

Climb the tree and examine the fairy lights.

Examine the flying leaves at the top of the hill.

Examine the fairy lights.