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Twilight Princess Story

Back Story

The backstory of Twilight Princess is partly unknown. The only thing that is shown is the incident with Zant invading Zelda's castle. The character's backstories, however, are properly shown.


  Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.

The story unfolds in Ordon Village, a small farming town in Southern Ordona Province. It starts with Link and a character named Rusl sitting by the Faron Woods spring. He gets instructions to deliver a gift to the Royal Family of Hyrule, but he offers the job to Link instead. Knowing what to do, Link agrees to deliver the gift, and gets ready to leave in two days. The following day, Link is given a Fishing Rod and uses it to catch a fish for the cat that wouldn't leave the pond. He then gets a Bottle in return.

Link saves up money to buy a Slingshot, and then shows the local kids how to use it. After the lesson, Link is given a Wooden Sword, and shows the kids how to use that as well. This acts as a kind of tutorial to get the player used to using the sword, building up some 'ease of play'. After that lesson, a monkey comes out of the woods and the kids decide to chase after it. Unfortunately, one of the kids (Talo) and the monkey gets caught in a trap and Link ends up burdened with the task of saving them.

The next morning, after herding some goats, Link is ready to go. Link's friend Ilia notices that Epona is injured and, after giving Link a talking to, takes her away to Ordon Spring to heal her. When Link goes to the spring to get her back, the Bulblin King and some Bulblin Riders come crashing through the gate. They kidnap Ilia and the other children, scaring Epona away in the process. Link is knocked unconscious by a rider, and left there alone. Link soon wakes up and runs across the bridge towards the woods. He is pulled through a newly placed black wall by a Shadow Beast, who drops him when a Triforce Symbol appears on his hand. Soon after entering the Twilight, Link turns into a wolf and then faints. Link is taken to Hyrule Castle and imprisoned in the cellars. There, he meets Midna, a mysterious character who doesn't fully reveal who she is and helps Link escape. He finally makes it to the top of the tallest tower, where he meets Princess Zelda for the first time. She tells him of the recent battle that ensued in Hyrule. Zant, an evil sorcerer, and his Twilight Beasts have killed many soldiers, and how she was forced to surrender.

After leaving Zelda, Link and Midna escape from the Twilight and return to the Ordona Province, where they acquire the Ordon Sword and the Ordon Shield. On their way back to the Twilight, Link and Midna are stopped outside Ordon Spring where they meet Ordona, a Light Spirit. Link and Midna then go to the Twilight-covered Faron Woods where they meet the shattered remains of the Light Spirit Faron. He instructs them to find the Tears of Light to restore light to the Faron Province and then returns Faron Woods to normal. Once they meet the revitalized Faron, Link is returned to his Hylian form and finds out that he is the chosen hero of destiny. Faron gives him the clothes of the chosen hero and tells him to go to the temple in the woods to get to Fused Shadow.

Link and Midna then go to the forest temple and defeat Diababa. Once Diababa is defeated, they are granted the first Fused Shadow. Faron tells them to go to the Eldin Province to the west (Wii) or east (GCN). Link and Midna go into the Twilight and find Link's Wooden Sword, which Link had given to Talo. Since Link is a wolf at this time, he can smell the kids; he follows their scent to a broken bridge and fixes it.

Link and Midna then continue on to Kakariko Village, where they find the shattered form of the Light Spirit Eldin. They search Kakariko and Death Mountain for the Tears of Light, this time to restore light to Eldin Province. Link is reuinited with the kids at last, but Ilia is still missing. In Kakariko, Link meets Renado who tells Link about the Gorons at Death Mountain and how they are in an uncontrollable rage. After Link tries to go up to Death Mountain and is knocked back by a Goron, Renado tells him that Mayor Bo, the Mayor of Ordon, could beat the Gorons in strength contests.

Link begins preparing to leave Kakariko, but then Epona comes riding and Link must tame her. When he meets with Bo, Link gets a quick sumo lesson and Bo gives him the Iron Boots. Link returns to Death Mountain and reaches a large room with lots of Gorons who are ready to fight. The Goron Elder, Gor Coron, tells Link that if he can win against him in a contest of strength, he will grant him entry into the Goron mines to save the Goron Patriarch, Darbus. Link defeats Gor Coron in a sumo match and is allowed into the Goron Mines; inside, he gets the three pieces of the key to Darbus's room from the other three Goron elders. When he gets to Darbus's room, Darbus turns into a monster called Fyrus. Link saves Darbus and takes the Fused Shadow that corrupted him.

Link then travels to the Lanayru Province, which is covered in Twilight. He meets the Light Spirit Lanayru and saves the province from Twilight. He is reunited with Ilia, who is in the care of the bartender Telma. The two of them are taking care of a collapsed Zora child named Prince Ralis. Link quickly escorts them to Kakariko village where Ralis and Ilia are put into Renado's care. Link then finds out that Ilia has lost her memory. Prince Ralis's dead mother Queen Rutela grants Link the Zora Armor.

Link heads to Lake Hylia where he enters the Water Temple. Here, he defeats Morpheel, granting him the third and final Fused Shadow. Link and Midna return to Lanayru Spring, where they learn the story of the Dark Interlopers. At the spring, they bump into Zant, who hurts Midna by trapping her in the Light World which hurts her. Link and Midna return to Hyrule Castle, where Zelda grants Midna the power to survive in the Light World.

Link and Midna go back to Faron Woods to a hidden portion called the Sacred Grove. Here, they find the Legendary Blade of Evil's Bane, the Master Sword. They go to the Gerudo Desert, which holds the Arbiter's Grounds. Here, they defeat Stallord. They head outside to find the Mirror of Twilight is broken into four pieces. They meet the Sages and learn about Ganondorf, who holds the Triforce of Power, and is also responsible for Zant's power. The Sages sent him into the Twilight Realm after a failed execution.

Link and Midna go to Snowpeak, the home of Yeto and Yeta, to recover a cursed mirror shard that possessed Yeta, turning her into Blizzeta. They return to the Sacred Grove and enter the Temple of Time, where they find the Dominion Rod and recover another mirror shard from Armogohma. They return to Kakariko, where they meet Shad, who tells them about the sky beings known as the Oocca.

Gor Coron tells Link to go to the Hidden Village near the Bridge of Eldin. There, Link and Midna find Impaz, who is the last of the Sheikah and she gives Link the Ancient Sky Book. Link gets a wooden statue from Castle Town, as well as a Horse Call from Impaz, which give Ilia her memory back. Link goes back to Kakariko and shows the book to Shad, who gives him the location of the remaining Owl Statues around Hyrule. Link goes and moves them all, restoring the full word, which removes the seal on the owl statue in Kakariko. Link moves it and finds a cannon, which allows him to access the City in the Sky.

Link defeats the Dragon Argorok, granting him the final mirror shard. Link and Midna return to the Mirror of Twilight and enter the Palace of Twilight. Here, Link recovers the two Sols, bringing the power of light to the Master Sword. Link and Midna go defeat Zant, but find out that he is just a puppet and the real enemy is Ganondorf. Link and Midna return to Hyrule Castle once more, where they face off with Ganondorf. Link stabs him in the stomach with the Master Sword, which finishes him. Midna is then revealed to be the titular princess. She, Link, and Zelda return to the Mirror Chamber and say their final goodbyes; as Midna leaves, she shatters the Mirror of Twilight into a million pieces so nothing can enter or leave the Twilight Realm again.


Link, Zelda, and Midna return to the Mirror Chamber. Midna travels through the mirror and shatters it, and you find out that Midna never finishes what she was saying before the mirror gets shattered. Link then returns to his home village. People can also be seen rebuilding Hyrule Castle after it was destroyed. Many other events unfold, as well as Prince Ralis's ceremony to become king of the Zora tribe.