Twilight Portal

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Twilight Portal

Twilight Portals appear over the world map of Twilight Princess. These portals are used to send Shadow Beasts to the World of Light in order to send it into the Twilight. After dispatching the Shadow Beasts that appear, the portals are captured and can be used by Midna to warp to various locations over the map.

Storyline Uses

There are three times the portals must be utilized to further the story of the game.

The first of these times is as Link reaches the Kakariko Gorge. After dispatching the Shadow Beasts, he comes across a gaping hole. In order to get across and to Kakariko village, he must warp to the portal found at South Faron Woods. There he finds the gorge bridge which can then be teleported with him to the gorge so that he may continue his journey.

The second time a portal must be used is when Link reaches Zora's Domain. Looking downward, he finds the Zoras trapped under the ice and decides that he needs something to melt the ice. He can warp to Death Mountain's portal and take the Crater Rock. After he warps is back to Zora's Domain, the rock falls, melting the ice that trapped the Zoras.

Finally, there is a double incentive to moving the Bridge of Eldin back to the actual bridge after it was stolen. The first reason is that it opens up a quicker travel route between Kakariko and Western Hyrule. Besides this, it opens the Cave of Ordeals in the Gerudo Desert. The cave can be triumphed to send fairies to all of the Spirit Springs.


No Image.png Ordon SpringAppears above the Ordon Spring. (1 Shadow Beast)
No Image.png South Faron WoodsAppears in an open area. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png North Faron WoodsAppears before the first temple. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Kakariko GorgeAppears in the Kakariko gorge. After opening, you will be able to warp using open portals. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Kakariko VillageAppears at the Eldin Spring. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Death MountainAppears at the base of Death Mountain. (4 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Bridge of EldinAppears on the north side of the Bridge of Eldin and is the first portal that can be seized in human form. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Zora's DomainAppears in the Zora's Domain at the top of the waterfall. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Lake HyliaAppears near Lanayru's spring. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Castle TownAppears at the southern entrance of Castle Town. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Upper Zora's RiverAppears next to Iza's house. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Gerudo PlateauAppears nearby the Cave of Ordeals. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Mirror ChamberAppears at the mirror Chamber after Arbiter's Grounds. (5 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Snowpeak MountainAppears at the summit of the mountain. (3 Shadow Beasts)
No Image.png Sacred GroveAppears past the two guardian statues. (5 Shadow Beasts)