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Spoiler Alert! This section describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
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The Twili is a race seen in Twilight Princess, living in the Twilight Realm.

Twilight Princess

The race consists of gentle, pure hearted people who have lived peacefully for many years,[1] but there are some among the Twili who believe the people of the Light World are oppressing them.[2] They appear as humanoids, wearing wraps around most of their body, with the exception of their face. Ceremonial shadow armor is also worn by the Twili, seen on Zant in the duration of Twilight Princess.[3] The Twili are governed by the Royal Family who chooses the next ruler by the members selecting among themselves to inherit the leadership.[4] The ruler of the Twili is also presented with magic such as the ability to completely destroy the Mirror of Twilight.[5][6] Being descended from the Dark Interlopers, who were banished by being sent through the Mirror of Twilight for trying to seek dominion over the Sacred Realm, the Twili's ancestors evolved over time in the isolation of the realm, becoming the Twili.

After Zant took over the royal family of the Twilight Realm, the Twili were cursed to become Shadow Beasts by the King of Shadows, subjecting them to do his bidding.[7][8] Once Zant sealed away the Sols from the Pedestals of Light, the Twili gradually turned into the shadow beasts but not completely.[9][10] Passed down in the Twilight Realm, a legend states that the savior of the realm shall appear as a divine beast.[11][12] As prophesied by the Twili, Link is the chosen hero of the Gods that turns into a wolf instead of becoming a spirit when entering Twilight.

After obtaining the rest of the Mirror Shards, Link is able to enter the home of the Twili in order to confront Zant at the Palace of Twilight. While exploring the palace, he confronts the cursed Twili. In order for the curse on the Twili to be lifted, Link must use the Sols to restore the Twili's original form before they turn completely into shadow beasts.[13][14][15]



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