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Tumbleweed (Skyward Sword).png
Skyward Sword icon



Skyward Sword
Lanayru Desert (Treasure Chest, Ground)

Tears of the Kingdom
Gerudo Canyon, Gerudo


20 Rupees (Skyward Sword)


Skyward Sword
Upgrade System


Tumbleweed is a treasure in Skyward Sword and object in Tears of the Kingdom.

Skyward Sword

"You got a Tumbleweed! This dried mass of plant material could come in handy. Might as well take it with you."

— In-game Description[1]

Tumbleweed is a collectible item found in Skyward Sword. They are found rolling across the sands of Lanayru Desert and can be caught using a Bug Net.[2][3][4][5] They sell for approximately 20 Rupees and can be used to upgrade certain items:

Tears of the Kingdom

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"Tumbleweeds: Slash a tumbleweed rolling around Gerudo Canyon, and you might find an item inside."

— Loading screen tip

Tumbleweeds roll around the vicinity of Gerudo Canyon, near the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. Slashing them occasionally reveals a material, such as a Spicy Pepper.

They cannot be taken into Link's inventory directly; but can be fused to a weapon, making a Tumbleweed Club or similar. However, given that they have a fuse attack power of only 1, and break apart after only a few hits (leaving the original weapon), this is of little benefit.


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