Tuft Mountain

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Tuft Mountain is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Tuft Mountain is a large mountain located just southwest of Lurelin Village. Yambi Lake as well as Lover's Pond can both be found on top of Tuft Mountain. The main that travels east from the Lakeside Stable and Floria Bridge will come to a fork in the road near the Atun Valley. The path leading southward spirals upward towards the Sweetheart's Pond, near the peak of Tuft Mountain.

Just south of the path, directly south of Yambi Lake, there is a rock structure that is shaped like a heart. Link can place the one missing rock in the proper spot to find a Korok. A second Korok Seed can be found at the very peak of Tuft Mountain, located under a small rock.

Along the sides of the mountain, there are numerous Ore Deposits including some Rare Ore Deposits. There are also a number of Rushrooms growing on the sides of the mountain.

Nearby Side Quests




Korok Seed #1: While traveling up along the path to the top of Tuft Mountain, close to the Clarnet Coast, there will be a few rocks arranged in an incomplete heart-shaped pattern. Complete the heart and a Korok will appear.