Trill's Shop

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Trill's Shop
Trillshop.jpg Trill's Shop in the GCN version




Trill's Shop is a location that appears in Twilight Princess. It is one of the few shops located in the Faron Province. It is owned and operated by Trill, a talking bird that is owned by Coro.

Wares and Prices

Trill sells two items, Red Potion and Lantern Oil. The first can be purchased for 30 Rupees a Bottle. The Lantern Oil is sold for 20 Rupees.

Paying Methods

Trill's Shop owns a rather unique method of payment. In order to pay, Link must pay the written amount of rupees into a box. Because of this, Link can steal products with relative ease. However, doing so causes Link to be called a thief by Trill everytime he comes near the shop, basically meaning stealing something will make that shop inaccesable for the rest of the game until Link pays Trill appropriately.

It is also possible to pay too little; and this results in Trill calling Link a cheapstake.[citation needed] However, Link is still able to shop here after this type of payment. Paying extra or simply giving Trill charity money results in Trill calling Link a kind man and encouraging him to return.