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The Trident is Ganon's signature weapon in several Zelda games.


A Link to the Past

Ganon is seen wielding the Trident during his final fight with Link inside the Pyramid of Power. In an attempt to attack him, Ganon throws it at Link and creates several Blazing Bats with it, though he later loses the weapon and prefers his own magical attacks later in the battle.

Link's Awakening

When Link fights the Nightmare of Ganon during the Shadow Nightmares battle, he again wields the Trident and throws it at Link in an attempt to damage him.

Oracle of Seasons/Ages Linked Ending

When Ganon is revived by Twinrova in the linked portion of the two games, Ganon once again wields the Trident and uses it to perform melee attacks at Link as well as create magical attacks.

Four Swords Adventures

The trident is a weapon used by Ganon in Four Swords Adventures. It is his primary and only weapon in the game. He steals it from the Pyramid.

Hyrule Warriors

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