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Trendy Gamester
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The Trendy Gamester, also known as the Trendy Game Shop Owner, is a minor character in Link's Awakening. He runs the Trendy Game Shop, a popular pastime found in the southeast of Mabe Village. For 10 Rupees, Link can play this game and win prizes, such as more Rupees, Magic Powder, a Shield, or the Yoshi Doll.[1]

When Link enters the Trendy Game Shop with Marin, she wants to play the game.[2] If Link lets her, she will pick up the owner with the crane. He compliments her, but then he says that pros are not allowed and kicks them out.[3]



Known as the Trendy Game Shop Owner in The Legend of Zelda: Encyclopedia, the character was renamed as the Trendy Gamester in the 2019 Remake.


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