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Travel Gates are warping devices featured in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Travel Gates are Sheikah technology, present in their constructs. They are intricate circular rune-like carvings on the floors of said constructs, glowing blue when activated. The Sheikah Slate will immediately warp Link to any activated travel gate he selects on the map. Travel gates are present at the Shrine of Resurrection and every Shrine of Trials, Sheikah Tower, Tech Lab and Divine Beast. Link can also place one freely using the Travel Medallion.

Mechanics and Locations

An activated, non-cleared Shrine with its distinctive map icon; under this status, the shrine's Travel Gate can be used.

To activate the travel gates, Link must either place the Sheikah Slate on top of the given Guidance Stones and terminals of the Shrines, Towers and Beasts, or light the Blue Flame furnaces on front of the Ancient Tech Labs. It's not necessary for Link to clear the Trials inside the Shrines in order for their gates to activate, and activation will be indicated by a Shrine icon with an orange center and a blue border.

Travel Gates can be reached at any time (except if Link is inside Hyrule Castle or a Divine Beast), and provide a fast-travel point and a mean to escape dangerous situations. Most of the Gates make Link face outward from their location once teleported except the Shrine of Resurrection, which faces its exit, so in the case of Sheikah Towers, the screen faces Link's front and the area behind him; for instance, if the tower's Gate physically faces east, Link will face east and the screen will face west once teleported. Link will also face the Travel Medallion's gate in the opposite direction it was placed once he teleports, so if he's facing north when placing it, he'll teleport to it facing south while the screen is facing north.

Tech Labs

As they are story-pertinent, the furnaces in front of the Ancient Tech Labs cannot be lit until Link talks to Impa (who prompts Link to go to the Hateno Lab) and Purah (who prompts Link to go to the Akkala Lab), and as such, those Travel Gates cannot be activated otherwise. Without prompts, Purah will tell Link to go back to Impa, and Robbie won't even be present at the Akkala Lab until Impa and Purah are talked to.

Divine Beasts

Divine Beasts feature larger gates that have small pedestals in the middle, and require the initial submission of the Beasts to enter them. These are the only travel gates activated during cutscenes. Once the Divine Beasts are recovered, their Travel Gates proper are deactivated, instead making Link warp next to them at their new locations and making the Beasts inaccessible thereafter. As such, Link will also not be able to travel to their previous locations.

Link cannot warp to other travel gates while inside a Divine Beast. To do so, Link has to leave the given Divine Beast in order to access the map in the Sheikah Slate, which only then will provide access to the other travel gates.


A total of 142 Travel Gates are available in the base game, while another 17 can be activated with DLC:

Location Quantity Access Condition
Shrine of Resurrection 1 Activation of the Great Plateau Tower
Shrine of Trials 120 Various; Guidance Stones
Sheikah Towers 15 Activation of the Great Plateau Tower;
climbing towers
Ancient Tech Labs 2 Ignition of Blue Flame furnaces
Divine Beasts 4 Initial subjugation of Beasts;
gates move after completion of Divine Beasts
Travel Medallion [DLC 1] 1 Access to the Lomei Island Labyrinth's basement
EX The Champions' Ballad Shrines [DLC 1] 16 Various; Guidance Stones


  • It's stated by Purah that the Guidance Stone at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab was moved there from Hyrule Castle[1], implying that the castle was deprived of its official Travel Gate functioning as a result. It's not known where it's located in the castle. As such, the only Gate present there is the Saas Ko'sah Shrine, located in the Docks underneath the castle.
  • Elaborating on Hyrule Castle, it's the only location in the game, save the Divine Beasts, from where Travel Gates cannot be reached. Link has to leave the castle in order to travel to another location. This can be done by physically walking out, or by selecting leave this location by pressing (x) on the map menu.
  • The presence of Guidance Stones, Travel Gates and nearby Blue Flames at the Ancient Tech Labs may indicate that there was knowledge of the Travel Gates by the time of the Calamity, even when the full functions of the Sheikah Slate were not entirely understood back then. It's not known whether the Gates at the Tech Labs were functioning back then, or those became actionable just when the Sheikah Towers emerged from the ground in the beginning of the game.
  • The Travel Gates can be activated without map feedback in the Sheikah Slate, and will appear as blue icons on a black background. They also need no input from their regional Sheikah Tower, other than the Gates on the Towers themselves.
  • A Shrine of Trials does not have to be completed in order to have the Travel Gate activated.



  1. "The Guidance Stone at my lab is the same one we first brought over from Hyrule Castle." — Purah, Breath of the Wild