Town Tool Shop

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Mabe Village Shop

There is a shop in Mabe Village where you can buy basic goods such as Bombs, Hearts, and Arrows. Though at certain points in the game, you can buy special equip items like the Deluxe Shovel and the Bow. These items cost quite a few hundred rupees, and thats why you can steal them. You simply pick up the item, and leave the shop, but the shopkeeper has to be looking away or else he will stop you. If you manage to smuggle the item out of the shop, a message will appear:

"Guess what? You got it for free, are you proud of yourself?"

— Game message

In the DX version a picture of you will be taken stealing the item. Also, if you steal and item and you get away with it, you will be called THEIF for the rest of the game.If you enter the shop again after stealing, the shopkeeper will say something about you having to pay , and kill you.