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Toffa is a character from Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Toffa is an old man who can be seen standing right outside the Outskirt Stable, day and night. He never goes to bed and never even moves from his spot, even if it rains or if there is a thunderstorm.

The Royal White Stallion

Main article: The Royal White Stallion

When Link first speaks with Toffa, he asks him if he's seen a White Horse. He talks about a story that his grandfather told him, that the Royal Family had a white horse that would graze out by the Safula Hill. One of the customers who recently visited the stable said that they spotted a white horse on that same hill. Toffa thinks that it could be a relative to the royal family's white horse from back in his grandfather's day. He tasks Link with finding the white horse and bringing it back to him.[1] This will begin The Royal White Stallion side quest.

Toffa tells Link that the white horse supposedly has a beautiful, pure-white coat, distinguishing it from other horses.[2] Additionally, rumors are that the horse roams by itself, separate from other wild horses.[3]

After Link finds the White Horse on Safula, jumps on the saddle, and returns it back to stable, Toffa is shocked. He tells Link to register the horse at the stable and to bring it back over to him.[4] Toffa is forever grateful to Link, seeing this horse has made his life. With all the challenges happening around the land, simply living has been a struggle, but this moment has made it worth it to him. As a thanks for your help, he will present Link with the Royal Saddle and the Royal Bridle, two custom fitted items for the white royal horse that were passed down by his grandfather.[5]

The saddle and bridle will automatically be placed on the White Horse. Toffa will take one last look and says that there is no doubt that the horse is the grandchild of the same horse from long ago.[6]

Toffa will daydream a bit, stating that if he was a bit younger, he would go off on an adventure, riding the white horse alongside a girl like Princess Zelda.[7]


  1. A traveler... Tell me, have you seen a pure-white horse anywhere? A long time back, my grandfather told me that he once saw the royal family's white horse grazing on Safula Hill... The thing is...just the other day, one of our customers said he saw a white horse on Safula Hill recently... Could it be a relative of the royal family's white horse from my grandfather's day? Well, if you happen to see a white horse on your travels, do you think you could bring it back to me? - Toffa
  2. Thank you! If you see the white horse, please register it at a stable and bring it to me. The white horse on Safula Hill supposedly has a beautiful, pure-white coat without any mottling. I hear it's very elusive, though. Good luck. - Toffa
  3. They say it roams by itself, apart from other groups of horses. If you end up finding it and registering it at a stable, I'd really love to see it. Thanks. - Toffa
  4. What?! You found the white horse? Well register it and bring it here! - Toffa
  5. What? You brought the royal family's white horse? Well I'll be... Grandpa wasn't lying! Son, you just made my life. Staying alive in this godforsaken land may just have been worth it after all. I've got a surprise for you. My grandpa handed this down to me, and now I'm handing it down to you. I present to you...the royal family's saddle and bridle! Custom fitted for the white royal horse! - Toffa
  6. The white horse that Princess Zelda rode. The one my grandfather told me about when I was little... The sight of the princess riding atop the white horse was supposed to be a beauty beyond words... There's no doubt about it, this horse is the grandchild of that horse of long ago. So beautiful... So pure... - Toffa
  7. If I was a bit younger, I would go off on an adventure. I'd ride the white horse with a gal just like the princess! - Toffa