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*The box near [[Romani]]'s house holds 30 [[Arrow]]s.
*The box near [[Romani]]'s house holds 30 [[Arrow]]s.
*Them is suspected to be named after a [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Them! 1954 black and white film] with giant ants.

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"They... They come at night...every year when the carnival approaches..."


Every year around the Carnival of Time, enemies simply referred to as Them appear and try to steal cows from Romani Ranch. They appear in Majora's Mask as Poe-like creatures, with large lights on their head. They can be shot with Arrows from the Hero's Bow.


If Link meets Romani on the first day, she tells him about Them and asks for help battling them at night. She explains that her sister, Cremia, doesn't know about the problem.[1] Link agrees to help her after she makes sure he's qualified for the job by having him shoot balloon targets around the ranch.

At two that evening,[2] They come to the ranch and slowly approach the barn. Link must fend them off until morning by shooting them with arrows.[3] The Inverted Song of Time will slow Them down. It is easiest to hit them while riding on Epona.

If Link manages to defeat them all, Romani will reward him with a Bottle of Milk.[4] If he fails to keep Them back until morning, they will steal the cows and kidnap Romani, returning her later without her memories.[5][6]


  • The little Dog will run toward the closest one of Them, so Link should follow him if in doubt.
  • The Bunny Hood can prove useful to run around located any of Them.
  • The use of Epona is strongly discouraged, since Link can't Z-target Them, the camera angles can be awkward at times.




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