The Yiga Clan Exam

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The Yiga Clan Exam
The Yiga Clan Exam - TotK.jpg



Yiga Blademaster Station, behind a waterfall and under Taafei Hill Cave in Gerudo Canyon



In Yiga Clan disguise, speak to Yiga Blademaster in the Yiga Blademaster Station


Offer Mighty Bananas to five frog statues in and around Gerudo Canyon




The Yiga Clan Exam is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link must have the full Yiga Set of armor - the Yiga Mask, Yiga Armor and Yiga Tights - from the Infiltrating the Yiga Clan side adventure.


The Yiga Blademaster Station is located in Gerudo Canyon behind a waterfall, directly underneath the Taafei Hill Cave. Link must wear Yiga Clan disguise to gain entry. Once he does, he simply needs to talk to the Yiga Blademaster inside to begin the side adventure. The Blademaster will give him five bunches of Mighty Bananas and direct him to offer them to the five frog statues in the area painted with the Yiga Clan inverted eye, marking them on his Purah Pad map:

  • On a small outcropping in the cliff not far from the Yiga Blademaster Station entrance, on the same side of Gerudo Canyon under the wooden bridge.
  • Due south of the Yiga Blademaster Station, on the opposite side of Gerudo Canyon, under the scaffolding.
  • The north-west half of Spectacle Rock, near the former site of Wasteland Tower.
  • Mount Nabooru Cave
  • The Gerudo Canyon Mine cave

Once he successfully does so, he can return to the Yiga Blademaster Station to be called a Yiga Blademaster and gain access to the rear room. This includes Treasure Chests with an undecayed Eightfold Longblade✨ from the Depths and a ruby, a side room with a Bubbulfrog and the Suariwak Shrine.

Adventure Log

Step Description
You accepted the Yiga Clan blademaster test.
You must make an offering of mighty bananas at five of the Yiga Clan-marked frog statues in Gerudo Canyon. Remaining locations: [x]
You made offerings of mighty bananas at all five frog statues in Gerudo Canyon. That fulfills the conditions of the test.
Return to the Yiga Blademaster Station.
You passed the Yiga Clan blademaster test after making offerings of mighty bananas at all of the required frog statues in Gerudo Canyon.