The Wind Waker Enemies

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Boko-Baba-Figurine.png Boko BabaBoko Babas are plant-like creatures that attack Link when he comes near them. They can't move out farther than their stems reach, so they are best killed from a distance. Thier Gulp attack varies in damage from 1/4 Heart to 2 1/4 hearts, althought 1 1/4 heart damage happens most often. It can sometimes leave behind a Deku Stick, but most often it leaves behind a Boko Baba Seed.
Blue Bokoblin
Green Bokoblin
Pink Bokoblin
This blue monster is the weakest of the Bokoblins, and it usually carries a Club or Stick. He can be found in Dungeons, pots, and platforms. He, like the rest of the Bokoblins, will drop a Joy Pendant when hit with a Grappling Hook. He is hesitant to attack, and can be defeated with most weapons that Link will receive.

The Green Bokoblin is the elite of the Bokoblins, carries a sword and shield, and takes a little more damage to kill. He, like the rest of the Bokoblins, will drop a Joy Pendant when hit with a Grappling Hook. He is hesitant to attack, and can be defeated with most weapons that Link will receive.

The scouts of the Bokoblin group, these pink monsters are not traditonally found in dungeons as they scout the outside regions of the Great Sea. They are in much less population then their counterparts, and can usually be found floating on rafts.
Blue ChuChu
Dark ChuChu
Green ChuChu
Red ChuChu
Yellow ChuChu
The Blue ChuChu is the hardest to find in the game, with only 23 scattered around the ocean. They have an electric field around them much like the Yellow Chu, and can be defeated in many of the same ways. They drop the very valuable Blue Chu Jelly, which restores both Life and Magic.

The Dark ChuChu has the ability to divide itself to avoid attacks. Lure it into the light or reflect light off of a surface to onto them to turn them into stone. Pick them up and throw them in this state to kill them. They can also be used to hold down switches.

The Green ChuChu has a little more defense to it than the Red ChuChu, but at the same time is cowardly and will disappear into puddles. They give the Green Chu Jelly, which will revive Magic Power.

The simplest ChuChu, they only take one hit to kill. They drop the Red Chu Jelly when defeated, which restores Life.

Yellow ChuChus are an electrified variety of the ChuChu. You can't attack them directly because you'll get shocked. Instead, stun them with your boomerang and then attack. They will drop either red or green chu jelly.
Kargaroc Figurine.png KargarocKargarocs are the main air enemies of Wind Waker, they can be found just about anywhere of the Great Sea. They serve as transportation for some of the monsters through out Wind Waker, such as Bokoblins and Moblins. It takes two hits to defeat them with the Hero's Sword and one hit to defeat them with the Master Sword. Golden Feathers are their main dropped items, Link can collect 20 of them and give them to Hoskit for 100 rupees and a Piece of Heart.
Miniblins.png Miniblin
Peahat Figurine.png Peahat
Rat Figurine.png Rat
Real Bombchu

Great Sea

Warship.jpg Warship
Big-Octo-Figurine.png Big Octo
Gyorg enemy.png Gyorg
Octorok Figurine.png Octorok
Bomb Octorok
Seahat.png Seahat


Armos-Figurine.png Armos
Armos-Knight-Figurine.png Armos Knight
Blue Beamos
Red Beamos
Blade-Trap-TWW.png Blade Trap
Bubble Figurine.png Blue Bubble
Red Bubble
Darknut Figurine 2.png
Mighty Darknut Figurine.png
Darknut Figurine.png
Black Darknut
Golden Darknut
Mighty Darknut
White Darknut
Floor Master Figurine.png Floormaster
Keese Figurine.png Keese
Fire Keese
Magtail Figurine.png Magtail
Moblin Figurine.png Moblin
Morth Figurine.png Morth
Mothula Figurine.png Mothula
Poe Figurine.png Poe
100px ReDead
100px Stalfos
Dexivine Attacking.png Dexivine
Wizzrobe Figurine.png
Red Wizzrobe TWW.png
Blue Wizzrobe
Yellow Wizzrobe
Red Wizzrobe
No Image.png Vine