The Secret Couple

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The Secret Couple



Complete The Face of Fear


Speak with Lenzo


Take Pictograph of Gossip in Fear



The Secret Couple[1] is a quest that is part of the Lenzo's Pictograph Assistant Side Quest in The Wind Waker.


After acquiring the Picto Box, Link can speak with Lenzo to begin the Side Quest, Lenzo's Pictograph Assistant. Lenzo gives Link three commands as part of the quest, with the first being A Love Letter and second being The Face of Fear. After completing both tasks, Lenzo will give Link the third command, The Secret Couple

Lenzo tasks Link with finding a man and woman who are secretly in love with one another, but for whatever reason, they have not spoken. Lenzo cannot let this go and wants to become Cupid, archer of love.[2][3][4][5]

After existing Lenzo's House, a woman can be seen straight ahead wearing yellow-orange clothing. This is Linda and she stands there, waiting for somebody to notice her. Another man named Anton can be found walking throughout Windfall Island. He begins his daily walk near the entrance of the Town Jail. He'll walk down by the docks, then up, passed the Chu Jelly Juice Shop and the Auction House. He'll then make his way up towards Linda. When he comes near Linda, he stops for a moment and glances towards Linda. The two will share a moment where they make eye contact. Link will need to take a photograph while the two are staring at one another.

Lenzo will comment that he didn't even know the extent of their passion for one another. He thanks Link and tells him that he is proud to call Link his assistant.[6][7] In The Wind Waker HD, Lenzo will present Link with the Deluxe Picto Box. which is capable of taking colored pictures.[8][9]



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