The Priceless Maracas

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The Priceless Maracas




Return Hestu's maracas


Ability to expand inventory slots


On the way to Kakariko Village for the first time, you likely noticed this large Korok on the side of the road. Speak to him to get this sidequest.


Simply head uphill and under the rock arch to find a bokoblin camp here. Kill them all and open the chest, then return to Hestu to complete the quest.

After completing the quest, if you have Korok seeds, you can purchase two weapon slots before Hestu will decide to move to a new location. Korok seed locations can be found all over our Interactive Map, including some that are quite close by even if you do not have a single one yet. Although this quest is complete, Korok Seeds are a collectible in their own right. For more information, see our walkthrough page.