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Spoiler Alert! This article describes a subject that is sensitive to plot development.
The Imprisoned



1 Heart.png Stomp
1 Heart.png Tail (Third Battle)



The Imprisoned is a large, black monster in Skyward Sword. It is contained in the Sealed Grounds in the Faron Woods region with a seal initially created by the goddess and later upheld by Link. Link first sees this monster in his dreams, once at the beginning of the game, and again after Zelda falls beneath the clouds, in which this monster eats her.


The Imprisoned is actually an alternate form of Demise, the Demon King, as Link learns after stepping through the Gate of Time. During the war over the Triforce, the goddess Hylia managed to seal Demise within the Sealed Grounds with a spike. As a result, he lost his true form and he was turned into an abomination.

Over many years, the seal began to weaken. The Imprisoned successfully breaks free four times throughout the course of Skyward Sword. On the fourth time, he regains his true form as Demise. Link can use the power of a Skyward Strike to seal him again after weakening him.


Link battles with The Imprisoned in the Sealed Grounds several times in the game. Each time they meet, The Imprisoned has a slightly different appearance. He is always trying to reach the Sealed Temple, and Link must defeat him before he makes it there.

There is an alternative, easier, strategy to these official ones below. If you are on a higher level of the Sealed Grounds, you can jump down on to his head, then slash downwards at the sealing spike to take him out. Do this three times, and The Imprisoned is defeated. But feel free to challenge yourself with these:

First Battle


I have insufficient data on this monster. Its enormous size and ominous aura cannot be compared with previously encountered monsters. I can confirm that the sealing spike observed at the top of its head is the same object originally found in the Sealed Grounds. I hypothesize that damage can be
inflicted by driving the stone pillar into the monster's head. But first, I recommend attacking the beast's feet--where your sword can reach--to stop it from moving. It is probable that the monster will be unable to move if you destroy all of its toes. I recommend using the air vents to move ahead of the monster instead of chasing it from behind. If you are able to get between the monster's toes, my analysis indicates you can effectively inflict great damage with a Spin Attack. You can also choose to decrease your risk of physical harm by using bombs to attack from a distance.

Attacking The Imprisoned's toes

During the fight, The Imprisoned will slowly walk up the ramp to the top of the Sealed Grounds. To stop him from progressing, Link must slash at his toes multiple times to break each one. After the last one is destroyed, The Imprisoned will fall on this back. At this point, Link can run to The Imprisoned's head and slash at the pillar in his head. After slashing multiple times, The Imprisoned will stand upright again, and Link must continue this process to defeat him.

Slashing the pillar

To defeat The Imprisoned in perhaps and quicker and more effective way, you can also use the Sail to float up to the next level of ground above the monster. When he draws near, you can jump onto his head and slash at the pillar on its head.

The Imprisoned has very little in terms of attack. His only real attack is either contact with Link, or by stomping on him when Link becomes careless and walks underneath his foot, or is within the radius of damage the stomp will produce. These can easily be dodged by being careful when attacking the toes. After a few hits, The Imprisoned will also slither across the ground and shoot far up the ramp. This can be dodge by either jumping down to a lower level or by flying up to the next level.

Second Battle


There is insufficient data on this target to make a full report at this time. But I can confirm the appearance of limb-like appendages that were not previously present. The evil power of this creature has also increased. Analysis indicates that you should be able to use the same basic strategy as in
the previous encounter to seal the monster in its prison once more. The fingers and toes on its limbs can be destroyed with a physical attack, but you should wait to do so until these targets become a very high priority. I calculate a 100% probability that the large apparatus Groose constructed will be effective against this monster. It is likely that a direct hit from this apparatus will stop the monster's movement, creating a window of opportunity for you to attack. Groose's defense apparatus can be repositioned by pushing [control stick left/right]. When the monster is in your blind spot, I recommend you reposition the apparatus and target the monster.

The Imprisoned climbing a wall

The battle is a bit different this time around as The Imprisoned now has the gigantic arms to deal with. The first phase is still rather similar. Slash at its giant toes to cause it to fall to the ground. However, with each step it takes, it gives off a large red electric charge, so it's quite difficult to get in close. Additionally, now that The Imprisoned has arms, it will try to climb up the sides, so you don't want to allow thato happen. Once the Grooseanator has powered aim, call on over and use the catapult to send a bomb flying at The Imprisoned. This will keep him at bay for a short period of time, allowing you to get quality sword slashes in for its toes.

Using the Groosenator

To attack The Imprisoned in perhaps and quicker and more effective way, you can also use the Sail to float up to the next level of ground above the monster. When he draws near, you can jump onto his head and slash at the pillar on its head.

The Grooseanator will take a few moments to setup once again, so you'll be on your own for a few moments. Once it is ready, deliver another bomb attack and finish off the toes, sending The Imprisoned to the ground. You won't be able to run around The Imprisoned this time. Since it has those massive arms that take up a lot of room, you can just run around it. You'll have to jump down to the ground level below, run behind it and use an air geyser to get back up. Run on over to the seal on its head and deliver three uppercut sword slashes to knock that seal back in.

After the second set of three sword slashes to the Seal, The Imprisoned will fall on its stomach and slide its way up a considerable amount of the Sealed Grounds. Follow it up using the wind geysers and repeat the same method once again. After a total of nine strikes to the Seal on its head, The Imprisoned will fall back into the seal at the bottom of the Sealed Grounds. Jump on down and deliver a Skyward Strike. Use your Wiimote and deliver strikes in proper angles to fully seal The Imprisoned once again.

Third Battle


Though the details are still unclear, this monstrosity is the demonic vessel of Demise. I can confirm a previously unseen taillike appendage. I recommend generous use of Groose's catapult. You must attempt to seal this beast away again. I suggest a plan of attack similar to what you used in previous encounters. The monster's fingers, like its toes, are comparatively soft targets and can be destroyed by physical attack. After toppling the monster, it is possible that the beast's enormous bulk may prevent you from approaching the sealing spike. In this scenario, I recommend that you descend a level and use an air vent to travel to the head of the monster.

Preparing to fly over to The Imprisoned

The first part of The Imprisoned battle is identical to the previous battle. Smack at its toes and use the Grooseanator to keep it at bay. After hitting the seal on its back three times, The Imprisoned will begin to fly! Ya, that's right. Once Groose is ready to operate, hit The Imprisoned with another bomb, causing it to fall to the ground. Run on over and deliver several sword strikes to the seal on its head.

Attacking the pillar

To defeat The Imprisoned in perhaps and quicker and more effective way, you can also use the Sail to float up to the next level of ground above the monster. When he draws near, you can jump onto his head and slash at the pillar on its head.

During the third phase, problems will arise as Groose has been cut-off from his bomb supply. Run on over and use a series of wind geysers to ride all the way to the top of the Sealed Grounds. Run on over to Groose and he'll suggest to catapult you onto The Imprisoned's head. Jump into the catapult and use it to shoot yourself on the Imprisoned's head. Deliver three overhead sword strikes to defeat The Imprisoned once again. Deliver a Skyward Strike and then perform directional swipes with the sword to restore the seal.