The Adventure of Link Enemies

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Ache-Art-AOL.png AcheAches are bat-like creatures that are mostly found in caves. They swoop down on link whenever he goes beneath them. Earlier in the game when you can't see in caves and they take more hits they're threatening, but later after link obtains the Candle and more attack power they become easier than cake to defeat.
AirBubble-Sprite-AOL.png Air BubbleAir Bubbles are enemies that rise up from the ground in some places. Several of them rise up at a time. They're undefeatable and were only made to hurt you more on your quest. It is best to avoid them with the Shield Spell and the Jumping Spell.
ArmoredStalfos.png Armored StalfosFound in many palaces, Armored Stalfos are stronger than regular ones. They have a shield which makes it even harder to hit them. They are very quick and are rather good at stabbing. They like to jump around and go behind you, so stay on your guard.
BagoBago-Futabasha-AOL.png Bago-BagoBago-Bagos always appear in areas with bridges. They jump out from below the bridge and start to chase after you. They also sometimes shoot rocks from their mouths. They steal experience points from you if they come in contact with you, so avoid touching them at all costs.
Basilisk-Art-AOL.png BasiliskBasilisks are lizard-like enemies that are only found in Eastern Hyrule. They shoot energy balls at you to attack you. They are immune to everything you own but the Fire Spell. Due to this, it is usually best to avoid them.
Pesto-Futabasha-AOL.png BoonBoons are fly-like enemies that fly very fast around the screen and are similar to pestos from other games. They drop rocks around as they fly. Upward Thrusts are the best way to kill them.
Bot-Art-AOL.png BotBots are some of the weakest and common enemies in the whole game. They are very weak and are not hard to kill at all. Even after your attack is only L-2, that's still enough to kill them in just one hit. However, some of them in the Great Palace take several hits to kill.
Bubble-LoZ-Art-2.png BubbleBubbles bounce off the walls in diagonal motions.They take a lot of hits to kill even with L-8 attack power. They not only damage you upon contact but also steal some of your magic power as well.
Daira-Art1-AOL.png DairaDairas are crocodile-like enemies that wield axes. Orange ones only hack theirs at you, while red ones actually throw them. It is best to do several hit and run tactics on the orange ones to avoid getting hurt. Red ones throw axes, so Downward Thrusts are recommended.
Deelers-Art-AOL.png DeelerFound only in forests, Deelers resemble spiders and are similar to skulltula from other games. Red ones hang from trees and only come down if you go below them. However, the blue ones will come down to the ground and attempt to pounce on you. Your sword should be the only thing you'll need to defeat them.
Doomknocker-Futabasha-AOL.png DoomknockerDoomknockers are very dangerous enemies. They throw a spike stick that acts like a boomerang. The Downward Thrust is recommended. However, even after you kill them their spike sticks can still fly by and kill you if you killed the doomknocker while it was in the air.
Fokka-Art-AOL.png FokkaFokkas are bird versions of the Ironknuckle. However, they are only found in the Great Palace near the end of the game. They shoot beams from their swords and can also jump. Their ability to jump makes it harder for you to get away, for they can follow you up large steps,etc.
Fokkeru-Art-AOL.png FokkeruLike Fokkas, Fokkerus are also found in the Great Palace. They are dancing birds that like to spit fire at you that hurts a lot. They are hard to just avoid, so you might as well make at least an attempt to kill them. Shield Spell works best at helping you kill them.
Geldarm-Art-AOL.png GeldarmGeldarms live in deserts. Simply slash at them to make them fall to the ground for a few seconds. Slash at their heads after they're down.
GiantBot-Art-AOL.png Giant BotOnly a few Giant Bots reside in the game, and they're all in the Great Palace. They're invisible until you walk under the big hole in ceilings they're in. If you think fast enough, you can do an Upward Thrust to counter them. Several Bots come out of them after getting hit, but these Bots are stronger than normal ones.
Ra-Art-AOL.png RaRas fly through the air in patterns. Sometimes two will fly next to each other. They also steal your experience points if they come in contact with you. Downward Thrusts are the best way to take care of these flying pests.
Goriya-LoZ-Art.png GoriyaGoriyas are enemies that throw boomerangs. They throw them in two different ways. your shield can block both of these ways if you stand correctly. It's best to jump over their rangs and slash away at them before they come back and smack you.
OoT-IronKnuckle.png Iron_KnuckleIronknuckles can only be found in palaces. Orange ones are the weakest while blue ones are the strongest. Blue ones can actually shoot beams from their swords. Blue ones first appear in the Island Palace, since the boss of it is a blue Ironknuckle. Jumping and hitting their heads is the easiest way to hurt them.
KingBubble-Art-AOL.png KingBubbleKing Bubbles can be found only in the Great Palace. King Bubbles are basically bigger and stronger versions of the Bubble. Like the normal bubbles, they are capable of draining Link's health energy and magic power. After Link has slashed them several times, they simply split up into two smaller bubbles. King Bubbles do not reward any experience points upon defeat.
Leever-Art-AOL.png LeeverLeevers are only found in deserts. They pop in and out of the ground. You'll see them come out of the ground a little bit before they actually hurt you. The Downward Thrust is best on these grounded enemies.
Lizalfos-Model-Small.png LizalfosThis enemy is mostly found in the Valley of Death. They like to whack you with maces and such. They also use spears and have shields to protect them. The blue ones are the worst due to the fact that they throw maces at you.