The Adventure of Link Enemies

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Ache-Art-AOL.png AcheAches are bat-like creatures that are mostly found in caves. They swoop down on you whenever you go beneath them. Earlier in the game when you can't see in caves and they take more hits they're threatening, but later after you obtain the Candle and more attack power they become easier than cake to defeat.
100px Air BubbleAir Bubbles are enemies that rise up from the ground in some places. Several of them rise up at a time. They're undefeatable and were only made to hurt you more on your quest. It is best to avoid them with the Shield Spell and the Jumping Spell.
ArmoredStalfos.png Armored StalfosFound in many palaces, Armored Stalfos are stronger than regular ones. They have a shield which makes it even harder to hit them. They are very quick and are rather good at stabbing. They like to jump around and go behind you, so stay on your guard.
BagoBago-Futabasha-AOL.png Bago-BagoBago-Bagos always appear in areas with bridges. They jump out from below the bridge and start to chase after you. They also sometimes shoot rocks from their mouths. They steal experience points from you if they come in contact with you, so avoid touching them at all costs.
Basilisk-Art-AOL.png BasiliskBasilisks are lizard-like enemies that are only found in Eastern Hyrule. They shoot energy balls at you to attack you. They are immune to everything you own but the Fire Spell. Due to this, it is usually best to avoid them.