The Adventure of Link Characters

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Major Characters

LinkAdventureofLink.png LinkAs Link remained to stay in Hyrule after slaying Ganon, one day a mysterious mark appeared on his 16th birthday. It was the mark of the Triforce, the piece of Courage to be exact. After soon finding out the real legend behind the Triforce and of Hyrule, Link was destined to wake Zelda and retrieve the Triforce of Courage in the Great Palace.
Princess Zelda Sleeping.png Princess ZeldaThe princess of Hyrule. Zelda had a spell cast upon her to put her in a very deep sleep since she would not speak on the location of the Triforce. Impa shows Link the situation, making him have to go on a journey to receive the third piece of the Triforce. Only the complete Triforce would wake her from her eternal slumber.
Impa and Link.png ImpaImpa is Zelda's nursemaid. Impa is the one that showed Link his destiny about the Triforce and gave him the six crystals and a scroll to venture the six palaces. After he puts the six crystals in the six well-guarded palaces, Link must go to to the Great Palace and recover the Triforce of Courage.
Prince of Hyrule.png Prince of HyruleAfter the king died, the Prince was to become king. However, he only got a part of the Triforce. Only Zelda knew where the other parts of the Triforce were, so he questioned her. She would not talk, so he had a magician who was close to the king make her talk. Shocked, the magician put a sleeping spell on her. In his shame, the Prince of Hyrule locked the sleeping Zelda away in North Castle, and sentenced that every girl born in the royal house from that point will be named Zelda.
Magician and Zelda.png MagicianSince Zelda would not speak the location of the Triforce of Courage, the Evil Wizard was hired by the Prince of Hyrule. He casts a sleeping spell on her that will make her sleep forever unless Link finds the Triforce of Courage. The Evil Wizard dies shortly after casting the spell on the princess.
AOL Game Over.png GanonEver since Link defeated Ganon a few seasons earlier, some of his minions still remained. Ganon can only be revived if the blood of Link is shed on his ashes. Throughout Link's journey, Ganon's minions are constantly after him.
King of Hyrule.png King of HyruleBefore the King of Hyrule passed away, he left the Triforce of Power and Wisdom in the kingdom of Hyrule. However, he had other plans for the Triforce of Courage. Not even his own son was worthy of holding all three parts. One day a hero would be chosen in taking it from the Great Palace.

Minor Characters

Wise Man.png Wise MenA total of eight Wise Men can be found throughout Hyrule. One is found in every town. They teach Link a new Spell every time he finds a new one.
Hyrulean Knight.png Hyrulean KnightsTwo Knights can be found in Hyrule. Both are found in different towns. They both teach Link a new sword technique: The Upward Thrust and the Downward Thrust.
Healing Lady.png Healing LadyFound in each of Hyrule's towns, Healing Ladies restore Link's life when he is injured.
Magic Restoring Lady.png Magic Restoring LadyWith the exception of Rauru, an elderly woman clad in orange resides in every town and restores his magic power when he stops by her house.
Bagu Small.png BaguBagu lives in the woods near the Water Town of Saria. You need to talk to him first before the guard in Saria lets you cross the river.
Error.png ErrorError is found in the town of Ruto. He will tell you the phrase "I am Error" until you speak to one of his friends in Mido. Talk to him again after you do that and he'll give you some advice.
LostChild.png Kidnapped ChildThe Kidnapped Child can be found somewhere on Maze Island. When he is found, take him to the town of Darunia in eastern Hyrule to get the Reflect Spell.
Kidnapped Childs Mother.png Kidnapped Child's MotherIn Darunia, a mother informs Link that her child has been kidnapped and taken away to Maze Island.
Magic Container Lady.png Magic Container LadyIn the Hidden Town of Kasuto, a woman keeps the final Magic Container. She will give it to Link if he has already collected the other three.
Mirror Lady.png Mirror LadyA young woman in the Water Town of Saria has lost her Mirror. Should Link find and return it to her, she will let him see the Wise Man that teaches him the Life Spell.
River Man.png River ManThe Town Guard in Saria decides on who can cross the river. He lets Link cross the river after Bagu gives Link credentials to show the guard that he knows him. Doing this will grant Link access to Death Mountain.
Sick Girls Mother.png Sick Girl's MotherA woman in Mido needs medicine for her sick daughter. Should Link venture to the Moruge Swamp and retrieve the Water of Life, he will be able to meet the Wise Man and learn the Fairy Spell.
Thirsty Lady.png Thirsty LadyA young lady in Nabooru is in need of Water. If Link brings her some from a local fountain, he will learn the Fire Spell.
No Image.png TownsfolkEvery town is filled with anonymous villagers going about their lives as Link passes through. Many have no useful information, but others provide useful clues regarding the location of Palaces and treasure.
Triforce Keeper.png Triforce KeeperThe Triforce Holder resides at the bottom of the Great Palace. He guards the Triforce of Courage while waiting for someone worthy to take it. When they prove themselves worthy, the Triforce of Courage will be theirs.
Wise Mans Daughter.png Wise Man's DaughterThe Wise Man of Rauru's daughter invites Link into her home. Inside, he meets the first Wise Man of his quest who teaches him the Shield Spell.
Wise Mans Niece.png Wise Man's NieceIn Ruto, Link meets the Wise Man's Niece, who informs him that the town's Trophy has been stolen. Once returned, Link learns the Jump Spell.