This template is for conveniently displaying Youtube videos on an article.


To use this template type:
    {{Youtube| Video Code | Video Size | Location | Caption | at= }}


  • Video Code is the unique sequence of letters, numbers, and characters that point to the video. Either a single video code, which is eleven characters long, or a playlist code, which is eighteen characters long, may be used. If a playlist is used, it'll start at the first video.
  • Video Size is the desired size of the video. Defaults to 420 pixels.
  • Location is where to have the video. (i.e. right, left, or center.) Defaults to left if blank.
  • Caption is an optional caption to describe the video.
    • If location is neither left, right, nor center, then the it is assumed to be a caption and the video's location is set to "left".
  • at is an optional named parameter for the start time, in seconds (or in the form ##m##s).