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This template slightly simplifies floating sections of wikitext to one side of the page. It also allows a more intuitive way of centering.


{{Float| side | content }}

  • side — Which direction to float. Valid values are left, right, and center.
  • content — The content to be floated. (Optional.)

Sometimes it is inconvenient to pass the content as a parameter, such as when it includes pipe characters ( | ) or equal signs ( = ). In these cases, omit the "content" parameter and place the content directly after and outside of the {{Float| side }} template, followed by {{Float| end }}.

To push text below the floated block, see {{Clear}}.

Some additional styling options are available:

{{Float| side | pad= | style= | content }}

  • pad — How much space between the floated block and the surrounding content. Must include a unit such as 'em' or 'px'. (Optional. Default: 1em)
  • style — Hook for additional style control. (Optional.)