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Each time this template is used within a given page, it toggles the variable "evenodd" between "even" and "odd", returning the resulting value. This can be used to dynamically switch between two different displays, such as rows in a list.


This template requires a small workaround to avoid the MediaWiki parser caching the template and not persisting the variable properly. It must be called with an empty argument (or any sort of argument), like so: {{Evenodd|}} - note the pipe. This is placed wherever an "odd" or "even" value is needed that's the opposite of the previous instance of this template on the same page.

When first called, it returns "odd", unless "even" is passed as an argument: {{Evenodd| even }}. Pass in "even" or "odd" in any instance to override the current value of the variable and start over from that point.