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The Contextual Display template presents information in various ways depending on context. It is used for converting listings into appropriate navigation displays.


Define the context before any CD items using {{CD/Decorator| type | id }}

  • type — The type of display to use for any subsequent CD items.

Valid display types are:

table (default)
lists items in table format including image, name, and description
groups headers as tabs and arranges items in gallery format, displaying their image and caption
for use in {{Navboxes}}; displays only item names grouped by header

For the gallery type, a unique id is required, such as "LttPEnemies".

Instead of using normal level two headers (==Header==), this template requires the use of {{CD/Header| text }}

  • text — The text of the header. If there is only one section and it doesn't require a header, leave this parameter blank but leave the pipe. (i.e. {{CD/Header| }})

For each item, use {{CD| file= | link= | tip= | caption= | desc= }}

  • file — The name of the image file (without the File: prefix). (Optional. Default: No Image.png)
  • link — The link for both the image and the caption.
  • tip — A tooltip that displays when hovering over the image. (Optional. Default: same as caption (or link))
  • caption — The text of the caption, if different from the link. (Optional. Default: same as link)
  • desc — A brief description of the item, which is only displayed in table mode. (Optional.)

Finally, place {{CD/End| }} at the end of each section. (Note the pipe.) If using the gallery display mode, it's also necessary to place </div> at the very end of the whole list.


{{CD/Header|Section 1}}
{{CD|file=|link=Template:CD/Decorator|caption=CD Decorator}}
{{CD|file=|link=Template:CD/Header|caption=CD Header}}
{{CD/Header|Section 2}}