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Telepathic Tile
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Various Dungeons


Communicate with Sahasrahla or Zelda


Telepathic Tile.gif

Telepathic Tiles are the way in which Sahasrahla and Zelda can telepathically communicate with Link on his quest in A Link to the Past by touching one of these tiles,[1] and they will often give hints pertaining to the current situation.




  1. "Link, it is I, Sahasrahla. I can talk to you telepathically when you touch these tiles. Here is a hint. You can use the treasure hidden in this palace to defeat armored foes." — Sahasrahla, A Link to the Past.
  2. "My name is Chris Houlihan. This is my top secret room. Keep it between us, OK?" — Chris Houlihan, A Link to the Past.