Taran Pass

Taran Pass is a location in Breath of the Wild.


The Taran Pass is located northwest of Lurelin Village. The pass separates Mount Taran to the west and the Stinger Cliffs to the east, as well as Meda Mountain to the north. The pass can be used to travel from the Uten Marsh to Hanu Pond, and then west to the Koto Pond.

The Three Giant Brothers

Main article: The Three Giant Brothers

The The Three Giant Brothers shrine quest is located right at the Taran Pass. During this quest, Link will need to collect the three Ancient Orbs from the three Hinox brothers, located at the Uten Marsh, Hnu Pond, and the Rabella Wetlands. After putting all three orbs into their pedestals, the Tawa Jinn Shrine will be revealed.