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|name    = Takashi Tezuka
|name    = Takashi Tezuka
|image    = [[File:2163580-photo13_large.jpg|300px|center]]<br/>Takashi Tezuka at an edition of Iwata Asks
|image    = [[File:Takashi Tezuka.jpg|300px|center]]<br/>Takashi Tezuka at an edition of Iwata Asks
|game    = Various Zelda Games
|game    = Various Zelda Games
|position = Director<br/>Producer<br/>Supervisor
|position = Director<br/>Producer<br/>Supervisor

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Takashi Tezuka
Takashi Tezuka.jpg

Takashi Tezuka at an edition of Iwata Asks


Various Zelda Games



Takashi Tezuka is game developer who has worked on a number of Legend of Zelda titles. He was greatly involved with some of the early titles, working directly with Shigeru Miyamoto Video Game Designer at Nintendo


He was originally introduced to the video game industry by a friend and he has acknowledged that he had never even heard of Pac-Man prior to getting the job at Nintendo. In addition to the Zelda series, Tesuka has also worked on the Super Mario Bros, Yoshi, Pikmin, and Animal Crossing franchises.

Tezuka no longer directs games but instead serves as a general manager of various studios, alongside Shigeru Miyamoto.


Release Game Credit(s)
1986 The Legend of Zelda Assistant Director
1991 A Link to the Past Director
1993 Link's Awakening Director
1998 Ocarina of Time Supervisor
2000 Majora's Mask Supervisor
2003 The Wind Waker Producer
2006 Twilight Princess Supervisor
2007 Phantom Hourglass Supervisor
2009 Spirit Tracks Supervisor