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Convince Faron
Learn part of Song of the Hero


Tadtones are the physical form of the notes to Faron's part of the Song of the Hero in Skyward Sword. Tadtones are multi-colored tadpole-like creatures that represent and produce music. Faron releases several of them into the flooded Faron Woods for Link to collect.[1][2] Collecting all the Tadtones convinces Faron to believe that Link is a true and worthy hero. This allows Link to learn her part of the song.[3]

Fi allows Link to set Tadtones as a Dowsing target after Bucha suggests it.[4] In addition, the Parella help Link in his quest to collect the Tadtones, giving him numerous hints. All the collected Tadtones form the notes of Faron's part of the Song of the Hero.

Tadtones have oxygen in their bodies, so when Link collects one, it restores some of his air.[5]


  • The Tadtones look almost identical to Baby Zora, though with Parella eyes.


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