Symmetry Village

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Symmetry Village
Symmetry Village.png
Symmetry Village in the Present



Symmetry Village, also known as Symmetry City in the Present, is a town located in the north-western part of Labrynna in Oracle of Ages. The town's symmetry is maintained by the Tuni Nut, but it is later broken by Veran in the Past. This causes the adjacent volcano to enter a phase of eruptions.[1] Link has to travel to the Past to get the Tuni Nut and restore it to its pedestal to restore symmetry to the village.[2] In the northern area of the village is Skull Dungeon, the fourth dungeon of the game.

The town hall is located in the Middle House. It is an area for meetings to be held. Thomas dwells in the basement of the Middle House. Link can trade him the Dumbbell for his Cheesy Mustache as part of the Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence.



  1. "The closer the Black Tower gets to completion, the stranger this city gets. When the Tuni Nut broke, the city fell out of balance, and the volcano started erupting. I want to take the Tuni Nut to Patch's place...�� But I can't leave the city alone. This is Symmetry City! Left and right have to be in perfect balance!�� My brother is too hurt to move, so I can't move either. If one brother goes somewhere, the balance between left and right will be lost. But someone has to go...", Oracle of Ages.
  2. "Weren't you listening? Then I'll explain it again! ��A guru named Patch lives at the top of Restoration Wall. I think he can fix the broken Tuni Nut, but I could never climb that wall.", Oracle of Ages.