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Swamp Tourist Center Guide
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Tingle (Son)

The Swamp Tourist Center Guide is a character from Majora's Mask. He resides within the Swamp Tourist Center, which lies in the Woodfall region of Termina. The tourist guide is the owner of the center and his main role is running a Pictograph competition. He has a very large build and is similar to the Shooting Gallery owners. The guide is also Tingle's father, and he seems to be annoyed and ashamed at his spoilt child for searching for fairies.[1] However, he does show some liking towards his son, calling him a kindhearted boy.[2]


Link first encounters the heavy built man while exploring the region of Woodfall. However, before entering the Pictograph competition, Link must obtain the Pictograph Box. Link must help Kotake find her sister, who has gone missing in the Woods of Mystery. The young hero is guided through the puzzling woods by a Monkey, where he finds Koume helpless on the ground. After reviving the sorcerer, she returns to her role in the Tourist Center and gives the young hero a free ride through the swamp, which in the process also gifts him a Pictograph Box.[3]

Link can now take part in the Pictograph competition, in which only humans are allowed to enter.[4] Link must take a picture of the Deku King in order to win a prize. The tourist guide seems to be surprised that Link was able to enter the Deku Palace and gifts the hero with a Piece of Heart.[5] Alternatively, Link can also take a picture of the guide's son, Tingle and the guide seems to be ashamed of what his son is doing at his age. [6] If Link enters the competition a second time, the Swamp Tourist Guide rewards him with a Silver Rupee.


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