Swamp Tourist Center

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Swamp Tourist Center

The Swamp Tourist Center is a location situated in one of the four regions in Majora's Mask, Woodfall. More specifically it is located in the beginning section of the Southern Swamp. In this Tourist Center, there resides two people. Those two people would include Koume, and the Swamp Tourist Center Guide, who is actually Tingle's Father.


Link first encounters this location when trying to revive one of the Four Giants that lies in the region of Woodfall. Link can't do much here on his first visit but after he revives Koume with a Red Potion she returns to her role in the center.[1] If Link walks up and speaks with Koume after reviving her, she'll reward the young hero with a Pictograph Box and a free ride through the swamp.[2] The boat is able to to take down the Big Octo that blocks the path leading to the Deku Palace and onto Woodfall.[3]

After ridding the evil that lies within the Woodfall Temple, the swamp waters become purified and Link now has the Hero's Bow. This causes Koume to open up a new mini game in the Tourist Center. In addition Link can speak with Tingle's Father who requests that a pictograph be taken of his son.[4][5] If Link does so, Tingle's Father is happy to give him a Piece of Heart in exchange for the pictograph. Alternatively Link can also take a picture of the Deku King and still receive the Piece of Heart.

Mini Game

This mini game game is run by Koume and is only accessible once Link has ridden the evil from within Woodfall Temple. The initial cost is 10 Rupees and requires the sole use of the Bow. Link must try to hit the target board hanging below Koume while traversing across the swamp by boat.[6] The boat controls itself automatically and it laps the entire route of the Southern Swamp. To pass the mini game, Link must hit the target 20 times however he must avoid hitting Koume, if Koume is struck 10 times the mini game ends. [7] Upon completion the first time, Koume rewards Link with a Piece of Heart while the second time she gives Link a Purple Rupee.[8]


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