Subrosian Chef's Kitchen

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Subrosian Chef's Kitchen
Subrosian Chef's Kitchen Interior





In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Cuisine du Chef subrosien (Subrosian Chef’s Kitchen)
Spain Español Cocina del Chef subrosio (Subrosian Chef’s Kitchen)
Germany Deutsch Subrosias Chefküche (Subrosian Chef’s Kitchen)
Italy Italiana Cucina del Cuoco di Subrosia (Subrosian Cook’s Kitchen)

The Subrosian Chef's Kitchen[1] is a location found in Oracle of Seasons. It is the home of the Subrosian Chef, the resident cook of the Subrosians. The Subrosian Chef's Kitchen can be found in Subrosia, in the Subrosian Volcanoes region.

The kitchen's centerpiece is a large lava waterfall, which presumably heats the lava for the chef to use. Also, there is a small stove in the top-left, which is on a raised platform. There are also many pots near the bottom-left and bottom-right of the kitchen. The Subrosian Chef can be found standing right in front of the pool of lava.

This location plays a part in the Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence. The Subrosian Chef, the resident of the kitchen, tells Link that he could make a very tasty soup, but not without a fine pot that is well-seasoned.[2] Fortunately, Link receives a well-seasoned pot, the Iron Pot,[3] from Mrs. Ruul.[4] With the Iron Pot in hand, Link can visit the chef, who immediately notices the pot, saying that pot would make an excellent soup.[5] If Link agrees to give it to him, the chef takes it and runs to make soup.[6] After finishing, the Subrosian Chef gives Link the Lava Soup, saying the lava and iron create a harmony of flavors.[7]

If Link returns to the kitchen, the Subrosian Chef asks Link if he liked the Lava Soup.[8] If Link has already used the soup to continue the sequence, the chef asks Link if he does not trust his cooking.[9]



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