Study the Blade

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Study the Blade





Key Characters



One-Handed Weapon: Bonus Combo

Study the Blade is a quest for Link found in Age of Calamity. It is unlocked after completing four Chapter 2 scenarios (Mipha, the Zora Princess; Daruk, the Goron Hero; Revali, the Rito Warrior; and Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief), and is located at the icon of Link, near the center of Hyrule Field.

"To refine his sword technique, Link has been instructed to train in Hyrule Field by...cutting grass. He'll have to collect proof of some kind to show that's completed the assignment."

— Quest text

"After training Link realized he could swing his sword more swiftly, giving foes less chance to strike. He really did learn something from cutting grass!"

— Quest Complete text

Materials Needed


  • One-Handed Weapon: Bonus Combo