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StreetPass Tree




Obtaining Apples and Green Apples

In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Arbre StreetPass (StreetPass Tree)
Spain Español Árbol de StreetPass (StreetPass Tree)

The StreetPass Tree is a large apple tree in A Link Between Worlds. After Link has activated StreetPass and sent his first Shadow Link, Gramps commemorates the special occasion with a gift, being the StreetPass Tree. It is planted by him in the garden near Link's House. When Link first sees it, the tree bears three Apples. Green Apples also grow on the tree, but they are rarer than regular Apples. When Link gets more challenges from Shadow Links, the more apples the tree can grow. For every three Shadow Link encounters, an apple is added on to the tree. A maximum of 20 apples can grow on the StreetPass Tree.

In order to get the apples from the apple tree, Link can dash into it by using the Pegasus Boots or by blowing them off the tree when using the Tornado Rod.