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|name   = Stone Beak
|name   = Stone Beak
|image   = [[File:StoneBeak.png]]<br>Stone Beak sprite
|image   = [[File:StoneBeak.png]]<br>Stone Beak sprite

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Stone Beak
Stone Beak sprite




Allows Link to understand the Owl Statues

Stone Beaks are the DX counterpart of the Stone Slab Fragments from Link's Awakening. They are found within treasure chests in every dungeon, and they allow Link to understand the Owl Statues' otherwise unintelligible words.[1] When a Stone Beak is found, Link can take it to an Owl Statue for advice.[2] As long as Link has obtained one beak within the dungeon, he can understand all of the hints that the Owl Statues of the area have to give.



  1. "This owl statue is trying to say something, but you can't understand it because it has no beak." — In-Game Description, Link's Awakening DX.
  2. "You found a stone beak! Let's find the owl statue that belongs to it." — In-Game Description, Link's Awakening DX.