Stamina Vessel

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The Stamina Vessel is an item featured in Breath of the Wild. It is similar to the Heart Container, but instead of increasing hearts this adds another 1/5 of a wheel to the Stamina Wheel.

Stamina Vessel
Stamina Vessel.png



From Goddess Statues
Divine Beasts (when there's maximum hearts)



Increasing Link's maximum Stamina


Heart Container/Stamina Vessel total distribution

"The size of your Stamina Wheel has been increased, allowing you to perform more actions before getting tired."

— In-Game Description

These can be obtained by exchanging Spirit Orbs with any of the various Goddess Statues found in Hyrule. If Link has the maximum amount of hearts (3 preset + 27 additional) when he completes a Divine Beast, a Stamina Vessel will be rewarded in place of a Heart Container.

When Link visits the Horned Statue, located in Hateno Village, he can sell a Stamina Vessel or a Heart Container in exchange for 100 rupees. The statue will then allow Link to purchase either a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel for 120 rupees, allowing him to swap between the two at a net cost of 20 rupees.

Link can obtain a maximum of 10 Stamina Vessels in order to gain 2 extra Stamina Wheels. As shown in the graphic, should the player choose to have full health, a maximum of 7 Stamina Vessels can be gained because there's only so many slots to allot for each type of vessel.

An additional Container/Vessel can be obtained with the completion of the DLC-exclusive EX The Champions' Ballad, which awards an extra four Spirit Orbs.