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Target lock: Stalmaster

This is an elite captain of the undead
soldiers. When provoked, it has the
ability to strike with all four of its
sword-wielding arms.
I recommend inflicting damage
when the slight gap presents itself
as it readies its swords to attack.

Stalmaster is a Mini-Boss featured in Skyward Sword. It is found within the Ancient Cistern. It is basically an upgraded Stalfos, with four hands instead of two. Furthermore, it has a bit more armor, as well. This creature was likely designed as a way to implement the game's new "one-to-one" swordplay. In order to be defeated, Link must repeatedly attack the Stalmaster parallel to the direction in which his swords are guarding from.

Hyrule Warriors

Stalmaster appears in Hyrule Warriors as an upgraded version of the Stalfos. Stalmaster has a possibility of dropping two upgrade materials, Stalmaster Wrist Bone, and Stalmaster's Skull.