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Spume-Magma.png A Magma Spume





Spumes are a common enemy that appear in Skyward Sword. They shoot projectiles at Link that, unlike those of Octorocks, cannot be reflected with a shied. Because Spumes appear in pools of lava or quicksand, they cannot be defeated with sword attacks. The only way to defeat them is to use projectiles or your own, such as arrows, bombs, or a Skyward Strike.

Skyward Sword

Magma Spume

Magma Spumes can be found swimming in pools of lava. They will hop up from the lava to spit out fireballs toward Link that will destroy a Wooden Shield. Link can use his sword or shield to hit the fireballs, causing them to dissipate. Since Spumes are found in lava, Link cannot use his sword to defeat them. Instead he will have to rely on projectile weapons such as the bow and arrow. Link can also roll over them while on the ball he uses to transverse the dungeon.

These only appear in the Earth Temple

Cursed Spume

The Cursed Spume is exactly the same as a Magma Spume, but instead spits purple spells. If the spell hits link, he is unable to use his sword or items for a limited time, similar to the effects of Bubbles in many games. Like all other variants, Link must use a projectile or a bomb to kill these.

These appear only after Link has completed the first three dungeons.

Electro Spume

The Electro Spume fires Electric balls at Link, which will destroy metal shields. Link must use a projectile or a bomb to defeat these.

These appear in Lanayru Desert, and other areas with quicksand.