Spear Throwing Soldier

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Spear Throwing Soldier





The Spear Throwing Soldier is an enemy that appears in A Link to the Past. They are one of the many variations of Soldiers that appear in the game.


Spear Throwing Soldiers appear just outside Hyrule Castle after Link has saved Princess Zelda and made it to the Sanctuary. They will hide underneath particular pieces of grass, coming up from underground just to shoot a spear in Link's direction before burrowing back underground.

Spear throwing soldiers only come in red forms, which is the strongest color designation for all soldiers. They will take four hits from Link's Fighter's Sword to defeat. However, these soldiers appear near Bomb Knights around Hyrule Castle. The Bomb Knights will toss bombs towards Link, and if he is standing in the direction of the spear soldiers, the bombs may explode, defeating the spear soldiers in the process.

Spear throwing soldiers appear very similar to that of Green Archers. The primary differences are that the green archers will shoot arrows, while the spear soldiers will toss spears towards Link. The spear soldiers are much stronger as they are of the red variant, so they have double the health of the green archers.

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