Soldier (Enemy)

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The Soldiers that appear in A Link to the Past come in a lot of different forms. Each of them are slightly different from one another, based on their color and their particular skill sets. In addition to the varieties of Soldiers, there are also several types of Archers and Troopers found throughout A Link to the Past.

Soldier (Green Short-Sword)

The Green short sworded Soldier is the weakest soldier in A Link to the Past. They are the very first enemies that Link will encounter. After reaching the Secret Passage and finding your Uncle wounded, Link will acquire the Fighter's Sword and Fighter's Shield. On the following screen, Link will encounter two green soldiers.

These somewhat mindless soldiers will patrol back and forth, making no real attempt to harm Link. They will change direction and slowly move in Link's direction, but they do not show nearly the same aggression as other types of Soldiers.

Despite wielding shields, these base soldiers have no defensive mechanism at all and any sword slash that contacts the soldier will do damage. Two sword slashes with the Fighter's Sword will do them in.

Instead of large sword blades or spears like the other soldiers, these foes wield much smaller daggers. The actual daggers that the soldiers wield do no additional damage than any other part of its body. Thus, if Link has his Green Tunic, he will take a 1/2 heart of damage if the dagger hits him, or if Link simply comes into contact with any part of the soldier.

Soldier (Green)

The Green Soldiers are the most common ones in A Link to the Past. They follow routes then they react to the sound Link makes or his movement, then they'll charge at him with their swords.

When Link is in combat with these Soldiers the sound of the fight might attract the attention of more soldiers. Link will then have to have to fight them one by one. They are also susceptible to being knocked into pits if Link sneaks behind them.

Soldier (Blue)

The Blue Soldier are slightly stronger than the Green Soldier. Besides this they are exactly the same.