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| use = Carrying Deku Seeds
| use = Carrying Deku Seeds
|cost = Free (First one)<br/>50 Rupees (Gear Shop)
|cost = Free (First one)<br/>50 Rupees (Gear Shop)
| related = [[Medium Seed Satchell]]<br/>[[Large Seed Satchel]]
| related = [[Medium Seed Satchel]]<br/>[[Large Seed Satchel]]

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Small Seed Satchel




Free (First one)
50 Rupees (Gear Shop)


Carrying Deku Seeds


The Small Seed Satchel is the most basic form of the satchels that Link can carry extra Deku Seeds in Skyward Sword. One is automatically obtained when Link is given the Slingshot from Bucha. Two more Small Seed Satchels can be bought from the Gear Shop in the Bazaar. Each Small Seed Satchel can hold an extra 10 Deku Seeds.

This item can be upgraded twice; the first upgrade being the Medium Seed Satchel, and the final upgrade being the Large Seed Satchel.