Skyward Sword Races

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Skyward Sword Races

This is a list of races found in Skyward Sword.

Ancient Robot

Main article: Ancient Robot

Ancient Robots are a "race" of robots built by an ancient civilization in Lanayru Province. Most of the robots are damaged beyond repair, but one, Scrapper, is still running in the present day with Gondo's help. In certain areas of Lanayru Desert, Link can strike Timeshift Stones, which turns back time inside a small area. Once this happens, Link can talk to the restored robots.

Demon Tribe

Main article: Demon Tribe

The Demon Tribe apparently rule the Surface. The main aim of Ghirahim, their leader, is to restore Demise from his state as The Imprisoned. To that end, the group seeks to capture Zelda, who is key in doing so.


Main article: Goron

Only three Gorons are in Skyward Sword - Gorko, Golo, and Gortram. Gorko and Golo research ancient legends and Gortram runs the Rickety Coaster mini-game.


Main article: Kikwi

The Kikwi are a shy, herbivorous race that live in Faron Woods. They are easily intimidated by Link and Fi, but they prove helpful in getting to Skyview Temple and Lake Floria. Their round tails open to reveal a bush, which the Kikwi use for camouflage. While many of the Kikwi are smaller than Link, Bucha - who the Kikwi refer to as their elder - is twice Link's size.


Main article: Loftwing

Loftwings are flying creatures native to The Sky in which Skyloft floats. They are crucial to the culture of Skyloft as images of the birds appear all over Skyloftian carvings and clothes. The people of Skyloft each own a bird partner who they meet at an early age and trust with their lives as they dive straight off the floating island, trusting that their bird will hear their call and catch them as they fall. The birds are the primary form of transportation between the floating islands for the Skyloftians.


Main article: Mogma

The Mogma are a subterranean race who live around Eldin Volcano. Their appearance is a kind of cross between a prairie dog and an ape, and they are skilled diggers. When Mogma speak with Link, they pop the top half of their bodies out of the ground and usually go back under after they are done. The passion of all Mogmas is to search for treasure and can often be seen looking for treasure in dungeons.


Main article: Parella

Parella are an aquatic race that inhabit the shimmering waters of Lake Floria and the river that flows from it. It appears that if a Parella has red stripes, it is a leader of their race, and if they have blue stripes they are common Parella.

The Parella live with Faron, the Water Dragon. They are also under the leadership of a highly intelligent female Parella, Jellyf.


Main article: Sheikah

The Skyward Sword Sheikah tribe are said by Impa, the only member seen, to have been been "the goddess's chosen guardians" since at least the days of the war against Demise.


Main article: Skyloftian

Skyloftians are the race of human who live in the village of Skyloft, located in The Sky above the Cloud Barrier. These people revere the Loftwings which they use as mounts, depicting them as cultural symbols and relying on them for games and travel amongst the islands of The Sky. The Skyloftians regard the land below as a dark place and do not venture there; no Skyloftian has ever seen the surface. They worship Hylia, who they simply call "the Goddess", a giant statue of whom dominates one of the three major landmasses of Skyloft.