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Sword, Arrows, Beetle




Skyward Sword

Skulltula appear very much like their Twilight Princess predecessors. They are spider-like creatures with eight legs whos main attack is to dash its body towards Link. Skulltulas will appear in several different ways. Some just drop down the cieling, others are hanging from a string, while some have full blown spider webs created to block your path. Link can knock down skulltulas by breaking the string or spider web utilizing the beetle.

Once a skulltula is on the ground, use your sword techniques to harm it. Once you've sliced it with a sword attack the skulltula will stand on its back legs, revealing its weak spot. Slash at the large purple jewel on its stomach to defeat the skulltula. In some cases, after hitting the skulltula a number of times, it will flip over and land on its back. At this point Link can jump and deliver a finishing blow, stabbing right through its weak point.