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Sword, Arrows, Beetle




Ocarina of Time

In Ocarina of Time there are multible varients of Skulltlas.

The fist varient are small spider crawl on vines. They can be taken out with the sword, but most of the time they will be beond your swords reach. The best way to defeat them is with a ranged wepean such as your sligshot.

The second varient is a large spider that hangs down from the celing. They will spin from their armored front to thier underside. Link will be damaged if he is cuaght in their spin. Thier are multiple methods to defeating them. In you child form here are two methhoods to defeat them. In the first you half to wait for them to spin to their back side and rush in and swing your sword before they spin, this is a risky methhood however. The best way to defeat them in your child form is to wait for them to spin to their underside and shoot them with your slingshot. In your adult form you have more powerful wepeans so you can shot them with you bow our hookshotand kill them even if they are facing you with there front.

For the third vrient there is an entire side quest dedicated to them where you hunt down the gold skulltulas to free all the people that live in the House of Skulltula that were cursed and turned into half human half Skulltulas. When you kill a gold Skulltula wa will get a token. when you get certen amoun of tokens (10 20 30 40 50 and 100 tokens). First you will get the adult wallet(can carry 200 rupees.) Next you will receive the Stone of Agony(controller will vibrate when near gold skulltulas.) The third prize is the Giants wallet(can carry 500 rupees.) The fourth reward is Bombchus. At 50 you will get a heart piece. Finally at 100 you can get 100 rupees. Howeverevery time you exit and renter the house you can get it again, which gives you an unlimited amount of rupees!

Majora's Mask

Twilight Princess

Skyward Sword

Skulltula appear very much like their Twilight Princess predecessors. They are spider-like creatures with eight legs whos main attack is to dash its body towards Link. Skulltulas will appear in several different ways. Some just drop down the cieling, others are hanging from a string, while some have full blown spider webs created to block your path. Link can knock down skulltulas by breaking the string or spider web utilizing the beetle.

Once a skulltula is on the ground, use your sword techniques to harm it. Once you've sliced it with a sword attack the skulltula will stand on its back legs, revealing its weak spot. Slash at the large purple jewel on its stomach to defeat the skulltula. In some cases, after hitting the skulltula a number of times, it will flip over and land on its back. At this point Link can jump and deliver a finishing blow, stabbing right through its weak point.