Six-Eye Reef

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Six-Eye Reef

The Six-Eye Reef is a location from The Wind Waker.

Six-Eye Reef, the sixth and final of the Eye Reefs, is located two squares south of Windfall Island. Directly to the west is Cyclops Reef, to the east is the Tower of the Gods, to the north is Northern Triangle Isle, and to the south is Southern Triangle Isle. It has a square outer shape and six stone pillars in the middle, giving it the shape of something with six eyes, or the 'six' side of a die. Once Link destroys all of the cannons protecting this island, a treasure chest will appear holding the Treasure Chart that leads to the Octo Chart.

Piece of Heart

A Submarine is located in the ocean Southwest of this island. If Link ventures onto that submarine and defeats all of the three Moblins inhabiting it, he will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart.