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Shields have been with Link for as long as his Swords have and been about as important. Protecting him from all sorts of otherwise fatal damage.

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Locations Vary


Blocking attacks

Various Property's

Link has had many different shields, and they tend to have a great variety of special property's, usually good, but sometimes bad.


Wooden Shields are made of wood, and therefore, any shields made out of this material, while durable, burn when exposed to fire, and considering how much Link's enemys like fire, this is a fatal weakness for any shield, and Link. They can also be stolen by Like Likes.


Metal shields have no special property's besides the fact that being made out of metal, they cannot burn in fire and therefore are much more durable and useful than their wooden counterparts. They can still be stolen by Like Likes though.

Special Shields

These shields are only acquirable once per game, and rarely, if ever through a shop. These shields have magical or unique propertys. These shields do not burn from fire, and cannot be stolen by Like Likes making them the best shields.



In some games, Link's shield functions automatically, regardless of what the player does. These games are The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks


Starting in Link's Awakening the shield must be used manually, by having it equipped. This function is also used in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. This function appears again in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, in which the shield can bounce some attacks back at enemies.

Ocarina of Time was the first game to require you to press and hold the shield button while the shield was active, but you were able to hold other items as well, this method allowed for two methods of use. He can hold it while crouching, tilting it in whatever direction he faces. He can also, while targeting, Link can focus on his enemy while moving freely and defending with his shield, all at the same time. All manual shields can deflect certain enemy projectiles.

Twilight Princess while using the targeting system, Link automatically lifts his shield in defense. Projectiles can be reflected with the Shield Attack

Shields Appearances in Games

This section covers each shield as it is in each Zelda game.

The Legend of Zelda (Game)

Link starts out with his first shield, the Small Shield. This can block simple projectiles such as arrows, spears, and rocks, however it cannot stop magical attacks. Link is able to buy the Magic Shield from any shop that sells it, assuming he has the rupees. This shield can block any projectile thrown at Link, however it's quickly stolen by Like-Likes, whereas the Small Shield isn't.

Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Your shield doesn't have a name in this game, it's just a shield. Regardless, your shield can't be stolen, and blocks all projectiles that come at you.
You can however, learn a magic spell that reduces all damage you take, its called Shield.

A Link To The Past

You get the Fighters Shield fairly early on in the game, at the same time as the Fighter's Sword. You can buy the Fire Shield at a shop for a nice little sum, or you can drop your old shield in a Great Fairy's pond, and exchange it there for free, this shield can block fireballs as well. Both of these shields can be eaten by Like-Likes. However though, the Mirror Shield, which is found in Turtle Rock is larger than both, can't be eaten by Like-Likes, and it can reflect Beamos lasers.

Link's Awakening

You get the Standard Shield pretty early on, not quite starting out with it. In the Eagle's Tower you find the Mirror Shield it cannot reflect attacks, but it does stop pretty much anything throw at you.

Ocarina of Time

You can buy the Deku Shield as soon as you manage to get 40 rupees at the Kokiri's shop. It's a wooden shield though, and has all the properties thereof. Later, you can find the Hylian Shield in one of the graves in Kakariko Village's graveyard for free, or pay 80 rupees to buy it at the Castle Town Bazaar. Both can be stolen by Like-Likes. Once you reach the Spirit Temple, you can find the Mirror Shield as an adult, this shield cannot be stolen by Like-Likes, and it can reflect beams of intensely bright light.

Majora's Mask

You start the game with the Hero's Shield, which is incredibly similar in appearance to the Hylian Shield. You can find the Mirror Shield much later on, at the end of the Well in Ikana Canyon.

Oracle of Seasons & Oracle of Ages

You never obtain a shield beyond the basic one you start with.

Wind Waker

You get the Hero's Shield from your Grandma after Aryll is kidnapped. Once you reach the Earth Temple you can find the Mirror Shield

Four Swords & Four Swords Adventures

You never obtain a shield beyond the basic one you start with.

Minish Cap

You obtain the Small Shield and can obtain the Mirror Shield only once Link has already completed his quest once. You have to fuse Kinstones with a certain Goron (this causes Biggoron to appear) then you have to feed Biggoron Links Small Shield. He will later give you the Mirror Shield. This one works the same way as the Small Shield, only difference being that if a projectile hits it, the shield will fire off a retaliatory beam.

Twilight Princess

You find the Ordon Shield in the loft of the house with the waterwheel in Ordon when you return as a wolf. You can also buy Wooden Shields at various shops, these shields are larger and have a different design, but function exactly the same. Both are Wooden Shields. You buy the Hylian Shield from Malo's shop in Kakariko Village for 200 rupees.

Phantom Hourglass

The Wooden Shield can be purchased at any of the shops on Mercay, Molida, and Goron Island for 80 rupees. Despite its name, it doesn't qualify as a Wooden Shield since it doesnt burn from fire.

Spirit Tracks

You can buy Link's regular shield at a great deal many shops, but the first one is the one in Hyrule's Castle Town. If you find 10 stamps then you can take them to Niko and he will give you the Shield of Antiquity, which cannot be stolen by Like-Likes.
This is the same shield Link used at the beginning of The Wind Waker.

Skyward Sword

In Skyward Sword you can have MANY different shields, you can get the first one, a Wooden Shield fairly early in the game, and later upgrade it through the Upgrade System to the Banded Shield and then the Iron Shield. There are also at least two purple shields that fall (most likely) directly after the Iron Shield. The last (and most difficult and expensive) shield you can obtain is the Hylian Shield this shield is practically invincible.

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