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Shadow Crystal

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Shadow Crystal
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Transform Link into Wolf Link

The Shadow Crystal is an item in Twilight Princess. After Link completes the Lakebed Temple, he is transported to Lanayru Spring. As soon as Link is about to turn around to exit the spring, Zant appears just in front of him. Zant begins by cursing Lanayru the Light Spirit into twilight. Zant then creates a red-glowing orb and Link intervenes between Zant and Midna and gets struck by the red-glowing orb, and as a result, the Shadow Crystal gets stuck inside Link's head. Link is stuck in his Wolf form until he draws the Master Sword from its pedestal in the Sacred Grove. As Link is about to draw the Master Sword, a pure white light emanates from the Master Sword and turns Link into his Hylian form. Link does not directly use the item; rather, Midna uses it in conjunction with the Master Sword to transform Link into his feral form at will. The Shadow Crystal is the embodiment of the evil magic that Zant cast upon Link and can be used to turn Link into his Hylian or Wolf form for the remainder of the game.