Serenade to a Great Fairy

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Serenade to a Great Fairy
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Speak with Penn, Mastro, and Violynne at the Woodland Stable


Restore the Stable Trotters' wagon and take them to the Great Fairy Tera




Serenade to a Great Fairy is a Side Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom.


After meeting Penn at the Lucky Clover Gazette, the Potential Princess Sightings! side adventure will begin, where Penn can be found investigating stories at various Stables.


When Link arrives at the Woodland Stable, Penn is outside speaking to Mastro and Violynne of the Stable Trotters. They are telling Penn about how a blond-haired woman caused their wagon, Breezer, to crash immediately after the Upheaval, which also caused their horse to run off. To play music for the Great Fairy again, they need their wagon repaired and a horse to take them up there.

If a horse has not already been registered, sneak up on one, mount it, and tame it. A herd of horses can be found nearby to the west of the Stable. Register the horse with the Woodland Stable, but keep it out with Link.

If Link has visited two or more Stables at this point, he should have at least three Pony Points. If he does not, stay overnight at the Stable, or find a Stable elsewhere to obtain another one. Three Pony Points are required to collect the first reward from the stable owner, which is a Towing Harness.

Walk to over to Breezer, the wagon, and use Ultrahand to put a wheel on each side closest to the Stable. There are wheels on stacks of hay nearby to use.

Use Ultrahand to attach the Towing Harness to the front of the wagon so that the horse will pull it. Speak with Mastro and Violynne, who will see the repaired wagon and hop inside.

Have Link climb onto the horse, and begin the trek up the hill to the Military Training Camp in the north-west, leading the wagon to the Great Fairy. Ensure that the ride is not too bumpy and is relatively smooth so that Mastro and Violynne do not leave.

After reaching the Great Fairy, the two will play a song for her, and she will come out of her bud. Mastro and Violynne will thank Link, with Violynne giving him a Purple Rupee, and the side adventure will be completed.

Adventure Log

Step Description
A Great Fairy, famous for giving blessings to travelers, has shut herself up inside her flower bud. Penn suspects that a blond-haired woman a musical troupe saw was Princess Zelda, and has asked you to look into things.
It seems you'll need to bring the musicians to the Great Fairy if you want to speak with her.
Though the Great Fairy had gone into hiding after hearing of dire things from a woman who looked like Princess Zelda, the music of the troupe convinced her to emerge. She didn't think that woman was the princess, so her identity remains a mystery. You did get two news scoops though: the return of the Great Fairy...and the Stable Trotters.